Music Fest Tickets

We decided that since we are out of season, we will NOT have our swimmers get together for the "Music Fest Blitz" fundraiser coming up this month. BUT if you do have family and friends that you know of that will be going to Music Fest you can email out the link below and have them order their tickets online which gives credit to Boys Swim & Dive. For every set of tickets sold online Boys Swim & Dive will receive $10. Click the link above if you are intersted!

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Joe Bollinger

Head Coach

Phone: 952-226-8690

Andy Weis

Assistant Coach

Justin Haycraft

Assistant Coach

Karla Rapp

Diving Coach

Next Swim and Dive Season Starts!


Facilities and Equipment

Swimming Facilities:  One 8-lane pool at Hidden Oaks with 10-foot deep water at the starting end and one 6-lane pool at Twin Oaks with 4 feet deep at each end.  

Diving Facilities:  Two 1-meter boards and one 3-meter board at Hidden Oaks.  We also have a spotting rig for the 1M board.  One 1-meter board at Twin Oaks.  There is also a trampoline that is co-owned by the gymnastics program and the diving program for training purposes.