What you need to know about HOMS/TOMS track and field

General Expectations: 

*Coaches take attendance everyday.  Not attending practices will result in the athlete not being able to participate at track meets. 
*Athletes must have a physical on file at the High School Activities office before they are allowed to practice. 
Excused Absences:  If you are absent from a practice/meet because of illness,you must bring a note to your next practice signed by a parent/guardian explaining why you missed that day.  If you are late to a practice/meet because of schoolwork, you must bring a pass signed by the teacher that you were working with after school.  If you are injured and cannot practice, you will be excused from participating by your coach.  If you are under a doctor’s care because of an injury, you will not be able to practice again until you bring a doctor’s note stating you are able to participate safely.
Unexcused Absences:  Absences which are considered unexcused are:
Skipping Practice for no reason - If you are going to be gone for any reason, please communicate with attendance coach. 
Being tardy for practice without a note from a teacher.
Two tardies results in an unexcused absence.  Once you have accumulated three unexcused absences…you are off the team
Missing practice because you have to serve detention.
It’s the coach’s discretion as to what will happen and what the consequences will be
Missing school that day due to ALP (one hour or the whole day) or OSS.
You will be allowed to practice with the team, but unable to (1) compete in two  meets or (2) compete for two weeks (which ever comes first)
Wear appropriate clothing for all practices!  This means dressing for the weather.  We will be going outside regardless of the weather.  So rain or shine, warm or cold…we will be running outside!  This means having a rain jacket, sweatshirt, sweatpants, t – shirt, shorts, proper running shoes
Our uniforms this year are brand new t-shirts that you get to KEEP!  Each t-shirt is $15.00/checks should be made out to ISD 719.  This money is SEPARATE from your registration fee.  The money will be due the first week of track to make sure we have the t-shirts before the first meet!
Proper running shoes are very important and can protect you from injuries!  Please invest in a good pair of running shoes! You don’t have to spend $100, but do not wear “white, skippy - type tennis shoes” that provide no support for your feet.
Keep your clothing and other possessions in your PE locker and lock it or bring to the track or gym!  Unfortunately, we have had things stolen because they were just lying around and not locked up.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Locker rooms will be locked during practices, so make sure you grab all of the things you need for practice before 2:30PM.  **Coaches and the school are not responsible for lost/stolen/missing belongings.   
If you are waiting for the gym or locker room to be unlocked before practice, please sit and wait on the white benches in the PE hallway.  You will not be allowed into the school hallways after 2:30PM, so remember to pick up your books and coat before you come down for practice or a meet
Use common sense when deciding how to act during practice or a meet.  Behavior expectations are listed in the student handbook and apply to practice or a meet as well as during school.  If you are behaving inappropriately, you may be asked to leave the team.
In addition to challenging yourself physically during the track season, also be sure to challenge yourself academically by performing to your full potential in classes.
Practice Expectations:
Drink plenty of water everyday so that you are hydrated for practice.  However, do not gulp a bunch of water immediately before practice…this will lead to side aches while running.  NO POP before or after practice…it actually dehydrates your body!
Be dressed and ready for practice by 2:30PM EVERYDAY!
Attend all practices if you want to compete in the meet and perform to your full potential.
Realize that when you first start practice, it probably will hurt if you have not run for a while and most likely you will be sore the first week.  This is normal!  To avoid too much pain, be sure to STRETCH properly before and after you run.  The pain will go away as your body gets into shape.
Don’t quit right away because you are tired or sore.
Stretching and proper warm-ups help to prevent injuries.  You are expected to stretch and do plyos with the team at the beginning of each practice.  Take these seriously or you risk getting injuries during practice!