General Gymnastics Rules 2019-20 Season

  1. Wear a leotard everyday. (Not just a sports bra)
  2. Remove jewelry before entering the gym to prevent loss/theft.  NO jewelry is allowed for meets!  This is a .1 deduction. 
  3. Hair (including BANGS) must be pulled up and free from face everyday.  Be sure hair does not fall out during a routine!  We want to practice how we will perform, and moving hair off your face during a meet will result in a .1 deduction each time.
  4. All gymnasts MUST have a locker and all non-gymnastics stuff, including school bags  and other clothes will be kept in it.
  5. BE ON TIME— Practice starts at 3:30 pm.  Bring all workout materials into the gym the first time you enter. Late girls will have extra conditioning and clean-up at the end of practice.  (Exception for HS bus)
  6. Must be in school to practice or compete that day. Talk to the head coach to prearrange absences/tardies.
  7. Respect the Coaches – No eye-rolling, talking back, mocking, etc. 
  8. Respect the Equipment; it is expensive to replace!  NO pop, gum, or junky snacks in the gym.  Absolutely NO food on the floor or mats!       
  9. Must be in practice the day before a meet to compete. 

10.   Call or email the day of a meet if you are sick or unable to be at the meet.   This allows a teammate to compete in your place.

11.  Report all injuries to a coach no matter how small they may seem.  Icing should be done at the end of practice, if possible.

12. Respect your team, coaches, and yourselves on any/all social media.  Failure to do so will result in a code of conduct violation (2 weeks/meets out) 

13.  ELIMINATE YOURSELF FROM ANY ENCOUNTER WITH ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, OR DRUGS.  *Colleges look at social media/ Guilt by association