High School vs Club Gymnastics
Less Expensive More Expensive
Fewer practice hours More practice hours
Not all girls go to HS gymnastics for the same reasons or with the same ability level, try to do what is best for the team as a whole Look for standout individuals
Due to the MSHSL rules, gymnasts must set individual goals and work to achieve them in the off-season without the help of season coaches Gymnasts rely on coaches to make decisions throughout the year
Fewer coaches and less equipment, may need to fundraise to get more More coaches and equipment
Shorter season-14 weeks (less time to learn skills)  The time to learn new skills is in the off-season. Longer season, more time to learn new skills
Focus on putting together routines with current skills that will score best and making those routines as clean as possible Focus on gaining the skills to move up to the next level.
Often 2 meets per week, making learning new skills more difficult More time between meets to learn new skills
Standard scoring regardless of age or ability (scores may be lower) Scoring based on level
Focused on school as well as gymnastics Focused on gymnastics
Must follow rules of the  MN State High  School  League USGA rules