GBCC By-Laws













June 2018








  1. Name, Purpose and Mission
  2. Membership
  3. GBCC Year
  4. Officers and Coordinators
  5. Executive Board and Committees
  6. Meetings
  7. Finances
  8. Adoption and Amendment of These Bylaws
  9. Dissolution of GBCC



ARTICLE I -Name, Purpose and Mission

Section 1.01 Name - The name of this organization shall be the Prior Lake High School Girls Back Court Club, hereafter referred to as the ''GBCC". The GBCC participates under the Laker Athletic Booster Club (LABC). These Bylaws relate only to the operational aspects of the Girls Basketball Program.

Section 1.02 Purpose - The purpose of the GBCC is to promote and support the Girls Basketball program for the students of Prior Lake High School (PLHS). The GBCC will establish an ongoing dialogue and working relationship with the PLHS Athletic Director and the PLHS coaching staff to ensure the GBCC's participation in and support of the Girls Basketball program is at all times consistent with the highest goals and aspirations of the athletic competition among high school students.

Section 1.03 Mission Statement - The mission of the GBCC is to raise funds to enhance and expand the Girls Basketball program; to promote and publicize the high school Basketball program in the community; and to recognize accomplishments and support the team, the players and the coaches in order to help the team achieve its full potential.

ARTICLE 2 –Membership

Section 2.01 Membership - Membership in the GBCC is open to the following: Parents or legal guardians of players and coaching staff, Membership is automatic, but voluntary.  Membership is open to PLHS Girls Basketball alumni and their families.

Section 2.02 Membership Purpose - The purpose of membership is to empower participation and involvement in the program for all eligible members.

Section 2.03 Members Right to Privacy - Any personal information gathered or requested by the GBCC is for the sole use of the GBCC and will not be made available to any other organization.


Section 3.01 Terms of Officers and Directors - The business year for purposes of the term of officers and directors shall run from July 1st through June 30th.


Section 3.02 Budget Management - The business year for purposes of budget management shall run from July 1st through June 30th.

ARTICLE 4 - Officers and Coordinators

Section 4.01(a) Officers - GBCC officers, other than the Head Coach, are volunteer

positions and will be named at its annual business meeting in June and shall hold office for one year, commencing on the 1st day of July. The officers shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary/Communications Director, Volunteer Director, Fundraising Director and Head Coach of the Prior Lake High School Girls Basketball program. Officers may hold the same position for multiple terms.


Section 4.0l(b) Executive Board - The Officers will constitute the Executive Board. Vacancies will be decided by appointment by the other members of the Executive Board. Between the Officers, ideally there is at least one parent to represent the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes.  If a representative is not amongst these classes, then a representative from that class will be sought to serve on the Executive Board in a Member At-Large capacity.


Section 4.02(a) The President shall preside at all GBCC meetings and shall perform other duties usually pertaining to the office of President.  The President shall carry out the decisions of the general membership expressed by a majority vote of those present at vote.  The President shall carry out decisions expressed by the majority of the Executive Board.  The President shall vote only in the event there is a tie after a quorum is present.  The President shall be authorized to direct the Treasurer to issue checks consistent with the budget.  Two signatures from the Board are required on all checks issued.  The President shall act as the liaison between the coaching staff, school administration/Athletic Director, and the GBCC.  It is recommended the President and other Officers meet with the Head Coach & Athletic Director at the beginning of every season to discuss general business items, roles & responsibilities, new policies, etc.

Section 4.02(b) Vice-President shall act as the President in the absence of the President and when so acting, have the power and authority of the President.  It is anticipated the Vice-President may succeed the President upon the President’s end of term.  The Vice-President shall also be responsible for other duties, as assigned.

Section 4.02 (c) Secretary/Communications Director shall prepare and maintain full minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and general membership meetings of the GBCC. A summary of the decisions made in these meetings shall be communicated to the general membership after each meeting through electronic communication. All communications sent on behalf of the GBCC to the membership are first to be cleared through the President. The Secretary shall keep and maintain all member information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses; shall oversee general team communications through multiple mediums including email, website and social media sites: and shall be responsible for both photographic and written media/publicity to assure promotion and attention to anything relating to PLHS Girls Basketball.

Section 4.02(d) Treasurer shall maintain a complete set of books of account in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices; receive and deposit  monies of  the GBCC in the checking and/or  savings accounts; request  disbursements, along with the President, from the GBCC  funds through the LABC treasurer  and pay expenses approved  by the Executive Board and secure proper vouchers  thereof; report  the amount  of  money available in the general fund at each meeting; submit a fiscal year-end statement; issue tax exempt forms; interface with the LABC as appropriate; and perform such other duties as pertains to the office of Treasurer.

Section 4.02(e) Volunteer Director shalt be responsible for all aspects of recruiting volunteers for all volunteer needs of the GBCC including interacting with other GBCC officers and members to understand volunteer needs, creating a list of volunteer needs for each season, creating signup and reminder communications and reporting status and needs to the Executive Board on a frequent basis; along with other duties, as assigned.

Section 4.02(f) Fundraising Director, in collaboration with the Treasurer and Executive Board, shall be in charge of planning, recruiting subcommittee teams, organizing and optimizing revenue stream from events, overseeing other fundraising events, as well as finding new sources of revenue, along with other duties as assigned.

Section 4.03 Officer Resignation - Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice of such resignation to any member of the Executive Board. Unless otherwise Specified in such written notice, resignation shall take effect upon receipt thereof by the Executive Board and the acceptance of the resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.

Section 4.04 Officer Removal - Any officer may be removed by majority of the Executive Board, subject to limitations imposed by law.  The Secretary shall notify any officer who misses three (3) consecutive regular meetings their removal shall be automatically proposed and voted upon at the next Executive Board meeting.

Section 4.05 Officer Vacancy - When a vacancy occurs among an officer position, the vacancy shall be filled as soon as possible from the membership at the next scheduled business meeting. The Secretary/Communications Director will notify membership of the vacancy. The individual who volunteers and is appointed shall hold office until the end of the term and may volunteer for the same or other positions for the next year.

ARTICLE 5 - Executive Board

Section 5.01 Executive Board Members - The Board will be responsible to act on behalf of the GBCC in the management of the business affairs of the organization. The Board shall consist of all Officers, including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary/Communications Director, Volunteer Director, Fundraising Director and the Head Coach of the Prior Lake Girls Basketball Program.

Section 5.02 Executive Board Responsibilities - The Executive Board will:

  1. Review all GBCC duties and sponsored activities and take the necessary actions to promote and support the mission of the GBCC;


  1. Any non-budgeted expenditure of general funds above $1000 shall require an advance discussion and approval by the Executive Board;


  1. Approve the President's and/or Head Coach's creation and dissolution of any unnecessary Committees and Coordinators;


  1. Set the time, date and agenda for General Meetings and give members timely notification;


  1. Approve goals and budget targets annually;


  1. Review the annual budget, monthly financial reports and monthly financial statements issued by the GBCC or Head Coach utilized to manage the funds of the GBCC; at a minimum, every other month.


  1. Review and approve, by majority vote, all proposed Bylaw changes prior to distributing or posting any such changes to the Membership.

Section 5.03 Interim Events - If action on behalf of the GBCC is necessary before it is reasonable to convene an Executive Board Meeting, the President may take such action based on the majority vote of the Executive Board, comprised of the officers and Head Coach. The request for interim events must be presented to the Executive Board in writing via email, with voting gathered via email reply. A report of the action taken will be made at the next meeting.

Section 5.04 Officer Responsibilities - Officers may recruit as many members as necessary to accomplish the responsibility of the GBCC. The Executive Board will keep a historical file of the year's proceedings, financial records, vendor contacts, etc. for turnover to their successors.

ARTICLE 6 -Meetings

Section 6.01 Annual Business Meeting - The Annual Business Meeting of the GBCC will be held at the June Meeting unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board. Any change to the Annual Business meeting date, time or location will be announced a minimum of two weeks in advance of the proposed change.

Section 6.02 Executive Board Meetings - Executive Board Meetings will be held the Second Monday of each month (excluding July), unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board. A summary of the decisions reached and Executive Board members present at each meeting will be distributed to all Executive Board members within a reasonable timeframe following the meeting and before the next meeting.

Section 6.03 Quorum - A quorum for Executive Board Meetings shall be a majority of the Board members. In all voting instances, majority rules for those present.

ARTICLE 7 - Finances

Section 7.01 Budget-The Executive Board will prepare a preliminary budget based on results from the prior year, input from the various Officers and other known events or economic factors. The budget will include an allocation of funds to execute the GBCC activities and fund specific requests presented by the Head Coach to the extent possible. Any funds provided to support or enhance the Prior Lake High School Girls Basketball Program will be provided exclusively in accordance with the rules and guidelines set forth by Independent School District 719.

Section 7.02 Budget Approval - The preliminary budget will be presented at the Annual membership meeting in June. Approval of the final budget will take place at the following Executive Board meeting.

Section 7.03 Budget Modifications - The budget may be modified by the Executive Board, upon a majority vote, during the year as dictated by changing conditions. Any modifications to the budget will be communicated to the Executive Board.

Section 7.04 Deposits -All monies received by the GBCC will be given to the

Treasurer for deposit in the GBBC bank account.  The Treasurer’s signature, along with one other Board member’s signature, is required for all deposits[KJ1] .


Section 7.05 Specific Funds -Funds raised by the GBCC which have a specific advertised purpose will be deposited and separately tracked in the GBCC's general fund to ensure these monies are disbursed for the advertised purpose and to safeguard the integrity of the GBCC and the School.

Section 7.06 Purpose -Funds raised by any of the GBCC fundraising programs can only be directed toward activities of the GBCC in support of the Girls Basketball program, unless otherwise specified. Funds may be utilized for the following items including additional funding for transportation and to defray the cost of day or overnight travel meets; team apparel for state championships, uniforms and team issued warm ups; team events including dinners and banquets; season awards, equipment, coaches training, and capital budget needs as voted upon by the Executive Board. All requests to direct money elsewhere must have prior approval of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE 8 - Adoption and Amendment of These Bylaws

Section 8.01 Adoption - The following are hereby adopted as the Bylaws of the Prior Lake High School GBCC. They will be reviewed annually after election; by subject to amendment, alteration and revision under Minnesota Statutes Section 317A.181 Subd. 2 (Needs to be verified and coordinated with the PLHS Booster Club Bylaws) and be dated to indicate when last revised.

Section 8.02 Amendments - Amendments to the Bylaws are to be submitted in writing to an Executive Board member and will be reviewed via email or at a regular Executive Board Meeting. If changes to the Bylaws are approved by a majority of the Executive Board, notice of the amendments will be publicized by email to the membership at least two weeks prior to the next General Membership meeting.

ARTICLE 9 -Dissolution of the GBCC

Section 9.01 Dissolution of the GBCC entity- Should the Prior Lake High School Girls Back Court Club cease to operate, all of the GBCC assets and cash will be distributed to the Prior Lake High School Girls Basketball Program or any successor organization or program. In the event that no apparent successor organization exists, the Executive Board may identify any local non-profit organization that supports youth basketball programs.