PLHS Girls Back Court Club (GBCC) Volunteer Procedures

Girls Back Court Club is devoted to developing highly skilled basketball players who can successfully compete on the court with the best competitive teams in the region. In order to accomplish this goal, GBCC needs volunteer help from its players and families to assist with tournaments, programs, and fundraisers. Therefore, the parents/guardians/players of each family are required to commit themselves to volunteer hours at the program and GBCC sponsored

How To Earn Volunteer Hours

Club volunteer hours are earned by helping with CLUB SPONSORED EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES. It is important to distinguish this from team events — for example, helping with the family fun night at Grainwood does not qualify for GBCC volunteer hours.

Club sponsored events and activities that DO qualify towards fulfilling your volunteer hours for the program are (any hours must be approved by the GBCC):
 MYAS grade state Tournament volunteer (9 hours)
o Families are assigned a shift (explained in procedure #3 below)

 General Volunteer Hours (6 hours)
o Pink out bake sale
o Halftime fundraisers
o Epilepsy clothing drive
o Team Parents & Team film recording/photographer volunteer
o Statistician & Game Announcing volunteer

Team Expectation
 Girls are also expected to run the clocks at the girls PLAY sponsored tournament. This does not count toward volunteer hours.

1) The Volunteer Coordinator validates volunteer time.
2) The Volunteer Coordinator tracks each family’s volunteer hours throughout the year and will
periodically report the earned hours of all families.
3) It is the responsibility of each family volunteer to attend the volunteer or assigned shift. If you
cannot fulfill your volunteer or assigned shift, it is your responsibility to get someone to work the
hours volunteered or assigned. It is also your responsibility to notify the Volunteer Coordinator
of any issues regarding your assignments and who is filling your shift.
4) Any duties involving the handling of monies must be supervised by an adult. No persons younger than the 9th grade players involved can handle money.


If anyone has question or concerns about the Family Volunteer Contract or Procedures, please contact the GBCC Volunteer Coordinator or other GBCC Board member.