Prior Lake Summer Tennis Camp- 2021

Level 1 Intermediate/Middle School - This group will focus on all major fundamentals of the game of tennis.  Learning the proper way to hit groundstrokes, volleys, and serves will be covered.  An overall understanding of the game (scoring, sportsmanship, and rules) will also be covered.  This level is for the intermediate middle school players usually ages 9-12.


Level 2 Advanced/JV+ Varsity - This group will emphasize much of the same concepts as level 1 but will also work on strategy of the game.  This group is designed for the upper level JV and lower level Varsity players or those who strive to be playing Varsity within the next year.  (JV/Varsity skill level).


Session 1 - June 14th - July 2nd 

Session 2 - July 12th - 30th



Level 1 - 8:00-9:30   ($175 each session)

Level 2 - 9:30-11:00 ($175 each session)