The flute is a high-pitched member of the woodwind family.  The flute is unique in that it is the only member of the woodwind family that does not require a reed to produce sound.  A necessary instrument in the band, flutes often carry the main melody.  The flute produces a sound that is unlike any other instrument in the band. 


The oboe is a double-reed instrument in the woodwind family.  It is meant for a dedicated student up for a challenge.  Students interested in playing the oboe should demonstrate a strong work ethic and patience.  With a unique sound that is all its own, a good oboe player will stand out in any band.  


This woodwind instrument, like the saxophone, requires the use of a wooden reed to play.  The clarinet is one of the more popular instruments, and, like the flute and trumpet, often receives melodic lines in band music.

Alto Saxophone

The alto saxophone is a popular woodwind instrument that covers a wide range of sound.  It is a versatile instrument and is the smallest saxophone we offer to beginners.  This is also an important instrument in jazz band.

Tenor Saxophone

A larger cousin of the alto saxophone, the tenor saxophone is the lowest woodwind instrument we offer to 6th graders.  It is a larger instrument and not recommended for students with small body frames or hands as they keys are far apart.  Students may possibly switch to this instrument from alto saxophone as they grow.  Tenor saxophone players are very valuable in any band.  This is also an important instrument in jazz band.

**French Horn

The French horn is a beautiful instrument and is meant for a student who is willing to work hard and is up for the challenge.  French horn is one of the more difficult instruments of the brass family for beginning band members. Students who sing well and can differentiate between pitches are encouraged to consider this instrument. 


This instrument produces sound on the middle to higher end of our brass family.  Trumpet players often find themselves with lead melodic lines while playing in band ensembles.  Trumpet is one of the most popular instruments, and band programs are rarely short on trumpet players.  This is also an important instrument in jazz band.


The trombone is a one-of-a-kind instrument in the brass family.  The trombone is unique in that it is the only instrument that requires the use of a slide to produce different notes, unlike other instruments that use buttons, keys or valves.  Band programs all over the country are traditionally short on trombone players, and a good trombone player is highly valued by any band and teacher.  This is also an important instrument in jazz band.


The baritone and its cousin, the euphonium, are a part of the low brass family of instruments.  While they look like a small tuba, they sound most similar to trombones.  Being a low brass instrument, band programs are often in dire need of baritone players.  Playing the baritone or euphonium, your student will be an extremely loved band member for years to come.


This instrument is the king of the low brass family.  The largest instrument in the band, it is also available in 3/4 size to better suit the bodies of our 6th graders.  The tuba produces the lowest sound in the band and is essential to the overall musical quality of any large ensemble.  While starting on the tuba can be difficult at first due to the low nature of the pitches, every tuba player loves playing the tuba.


This does not mean “drums” or “drum set.” Percussionists will spend a great deal of each year playing keyboard-based mallet percussion instruments like the marimba, xylophone and bells.  Percussionists will also learn snare drum and timpani, as well as many other percussion instruments.  Piano experience is not required, but is very highly recommended for percussionists.  Students interested in playing percussion should be ready to work harder than many other instruments and learn quickly.  Students only interested in the drumming aspect of percussion should consider a different Band instrument, as drums are only a portion of our percussion program.

**These instruments are needed the most.

Band programs all over the world need low brass players, and we take very good care to make sure that they know how special they really are to us.  Students wanting to really stand out and feel special on a crucial instrument should consider one of these instruments.