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Boys Lettering Policy

2014 Boys Lettering Policy


The lettering policy for CC is as follows:

1.    A runner needs to accumulate 15 letter points over the course of the season. A runner earns 1 point for racing Varsity at a meet.

2.    The points are awarded by running on the Varsity team in a race or having a faster time than a varsity runner that day if running the same course and same distance in a JV or C race.

3.    Time points can be earned for season best performance under the following times:

5K Times                                2 Mile Times

16:00 = 6 points                      10:30 = 4 Points

16:30 = 5 points                      11:00 = 3 Points

17:00 = 4 points                      11:30 = 2 Points

17:30 = 3 points                      12:00 = 1 point

18:00 = 2 points

18:30 = 1 point

4.    If a runner is named as runner or an alternate to the Section team, they will letter without accumulating the 15 points.

5.    Years of participation count towards lettering and are as follows:

4-year participant = 3 points

3-year participant = 2 points

2-year participant = 1 point

6.    Senior managers letter if they have been with the team at least two years as a runner and/or manager.

7.    2 points for Summer Running Attendance signed by Captain. 

8.    2 Points for perfect attendance during the official season practices.

9.    1 Point for individual completion of fundraising goal.

10.   If team wins a Conference, Section , or State championship any runner who ran in a varsity race and is in good standing with the coaching staff will be eligible to letter.

11.  Coaches discretion