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Boys Basketball

2021-2022 Regular Season

Jon Miller

Varsity Head Coach

Phone: 952-261-5991

Mike Gidley

Varsity Assistant Coach

Steve Ray

Junior Varsity HEAD Coach & Varsity Assistant Coach

Phone: 952-221-3167

Dane Schad

Sophomore Head Coach & Varsity Assistant Coach

Phone: 507-398-6828

TJ Schaff

Freshmen A Team Coach

Phone: 952-649-9917

Drew Pottinger


Team Website

The Official Laker Boys Basketball team web site can be found by clicking the link above or by going to

Important Dates


See the calendar on the website for times and locations of practices.

Back Court Club Meetings -

Monday, November 1, 7pm, PLHS Room G216A

Monday, December 6, 7pm, PLHS Room G216A


2020-2021 TEAM ROSTERS

Donor Receipt, Corporate Sponsorship and Family Membership Forms