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PL Fishing Team

Jen Longhenry

Coach/Team Parent

Phone: 612-382-4958


We will be looking for volunteers for our organization. One area where we really could use assistance is with boat captains. Adults donate their time and boat for various events (if you have a son/daughter on the team it would be natural for them to be on your boat). The main requirement for boat captains is that there is typically $300,000 in liability insurance on your boat insurance. More details to follow.

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Our information

As a volunteer organization - it is difficult to keep two separate web pages active -- so please use our facebook page: and search for @plfishingteam

Thank you!

Ben and Mason win the MN Bass Fishing Championship

Q & A

Q. What grade levels are eligible

A: To compete in a H.S. fishing tournament you must be entering 9th grade or higher. So current 8th graders are eligible. 11th grade is the last year to compete - HOWEVER starting in 2017 two senior can fish together in the tournaments and can qualify for an adult tournament at the end of summer.

Q. What is the cost?

A: Right now we are putting together the totals, but the estimate is about $175 which will include all the required organization sign-ups, fishing jersey, and hat. The rest of the expenses will primarily be minimal based on the tournament. Enrollment will include BASS HS, SAF HS, State TOC, HS Opens, Midwest regional, and part of Nation HS Championship.

Q. Do I need a boat?

A: We will be looking for boat captain volunteers for our tournaments - but you are not required to have a boat in order to fish. We will work to pair you up with the volunteer boat captains during tournaments.