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Girls Cross Country

2020 Season Girls Cross Country

Pasta Dinners (held one day before each meet)

As a tradition we have held a pasta dinner for just the runners the day before each meet. We are requesting one host for the Pasta Dinner for each meet that is held at the host's house and 4 helpers to help out and to split the costs.

Below are 2 examples of the amount of food used for one Pasta Dinner. Feel free to deviate from the below as long as there is pasta, bread, salad and drinks. Host can have helpers divide up who supplies dessert, drinks, salad, etc.

Example 65-70 runners
9 lbs of Pasta (noodles)

9 - 32 oz. Jars of marinara sauce

48 - 12 oz. Bottles of Gatorade (Gatorade powder can be mixed with water, cheaper)

48 Bottles of Water

2 lbs of Cheese

40 oz. Mayonnaise 

3 lbs of shredded Lettuce

6 loaves of bread (8 half loaves of cheese bread, 4 half loaves of garlic bread)

1 whole watermelon (optional)


Example -74 runners

10 Loaves of bread
3 large bags of lettuce
14 lbs of pasta
10 lbs hamburger
2 - 2 Prego Large sauces packages
2 - 84 ounces containers of Raju Sauce

3 cases of water
8 dozen cookies