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2020 Lakefront Music Fest Tickets

Please share this link with the community to purchase tickets and benefit our PL Cheer Program!

Burger Bash

This event is expected for all cheerleaders.  All cheerleaders will be asked to either sell 10 tickets to our November 11 Burger Bash at The Pointe, or participate in a buyout option where the booster club is given a check for $75.  We hope that cheerleaders will receive a $5 credit to their accounts for each ticket above the required 10 that is sold.

We will also be holding a silent auction and families are encourage to donate an auctionable item(s).

Clean Out Your Closets - Stuff the Truck

We are hoping to raise $2000+ with this fundraiser.  Your daughter received 30 flyers to pass out in your neighborhood.  Please make sure this happens.  This should be a pretty easy one for us as we aren't selling anything and are only helping people get rid of what they didn't want.  Spread the word!  Collect at work.  Look around your house.  Post and share on Facebook.  Girls' basketball earned $3000, and I think we can do even more!