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2023 Season Information

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to the 2023 PLUTO Ultimate Season.

Player/Parent PPT linked: HERE.

2022 Conference Champs!


Ultimate Updates:

Contact: Patrick Glynn and Brad Wieskus at:

Who: Parents & Players

What: General Meeting, Season Structure, Parent roles, etc.

When: February 6, 2023

Where: PLHS - Room F211


  • Welcome
  • Fundraiser, Prizes, and Timing
  • Season overview
  • Teams, Season Schedule, Tournaments, and Rosters
  • Parent Involvement Opportunities

Season: Practices are hosted 2 days a week beginning in February and games begin mid April.  The teams typically play in two regular season tournaments (one late April and the other mid May) and the season culminates at the MN Ultimate State Tournament in Blaine, at the National Sports Center, the first weekend in June.


Tryouts, if needed, will be announced after registration has been completed and practices have begun.

Ultimate Season Cost

A message will be sent to you regarding the cost of the season.  This is determined by what your jersey requirements are.

The Ultimate Calendar


Note: You must be registered.  All players that filled-out the google form on the website above are registered.  

For all registered players:

  • Attend the Parent/Player Meeting in early February.
  • Print and sign the Medical Authorization Form and Release for Communicable Diseases and provide them to an ultimate coach by the first official practice of the season, usually early March. (Paper copies will be handed out at the Parent/Player Meeting.)
  • Pay your DUES by the first practice, usually early March. 
  • Veterans and New Players all must have an account with USA Ultimate.  Login and follow the directions provided by the PLUTO admin emailed to families in the early part of each season.   
  • Click the waivers button on your member page and have your parents sign your waivers for the season.
  • Click the notifications button on your member account page, and Confirm your participation (you’ll have to do this again when you get added to an actual team).

Varsity State Results:

2022: 13th (Tier 1)

2021: 8th (Tier 2)

2020: No State Tourney

2019: ???

2018: ???

2017: ???
2016: 5th!!
2015: 11th
2014: 9th
2013: 13th
2012: 13th


What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is not frisbee golf!

Ultimate is not what you play with your dog.

Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to football. Players may not run with the disc, and must keep a pivot while holding the disc.

In 2008, there were 4.9 million Ultimate players in the US.  This beats out Lacrosse (1.8 million), and is just under Ice Hockey in active players.

Ultimate is one of the few "complete" games.  It requires a person to play both offense and defense, and to make all of the calls on the field.

Ultimate players must understand and enforce all of the rules of the game.  There are no referees, and people on the sidelines can not make calls for anything that has happened on the field.

A copy of the rules can be found here:

Ultimate? I Thought It Was Called Ultimate Frisbee.

It was originally called ultimate frisbee, but it is now officially called ultimate. This is because Wham-O has trademarked the name Frisbee, creating certain legal issues when calling it "ultimate frisbee".

We use Discraft Ultra Star 175 gram discs.

Ultiamte Field

This is an Ultimate field. It is very similar to the size of a soccer field in length and width, being a mere 5 meters longer.