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Head Coach: Nick Ingles Assts: Daggit, Madsen, Skluzacek, Pokaski, Sherwin


Phone: 952-226-8967

Recent Speech News



DATE     LOCATION         LEAVE        HOME

Jan. 13   Woodbury         6:45 am     5:30 pm

Jan. 20   Orono                6:45 am     5:30 pm

Jan. 27   Eden Prairie      6:45 am     6:00 pm

Feb. 3 *Prior Lake          7:00 am     5:00 pm

Feb. 10 *Lakeville South  7:30 am    5:00 pm     

Feb. 17  Eastview           6:45 am     5:00 pm

Feb. 24  Chaska             6:45 am      5:30 pm

Mar. 3 *Shakopee(Novice) 7:45am   5:00pm                  *L'ville North(Varsity)7:15 am  6:00pm  

Mar. 9   NSDA TBD        All Day                            Central MN NSDA Tournament                     (Drama, ES, OO, Duo, Humor, Info, POI)  

Mar. 10     Eagan                   6:45 am   6:30pm   March 10-18   (SPRING BREAK)                                          

March 17 Park/Roseville          6:45am  5pm

March 20  Bloomington Section 6AA Tournament                                 1:30 pm        11:30pm     

April 20     *Apple Valley H.S.   State Tournament     TBD

May 1      *Banquet (Fong's)      6:00pm

*parents will provide transportation to these nearby meets 


            Speech is an extra-curricular activity that is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League.  It includes thirteen categories, which are explained in this handout.  The categories are divided into two general areas.  Public address categories include Original Oratory, Discussion, Informative Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Great Speeches.  Interpretive categories include Serious Interpretation of Prose, Serious Interpretation of Poetry, Serious Interpretation of Drama, Humorous Interpretation, Creative Expression, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Reading, and Storytelling.


               We begin practicing “officially” right after winter break, but team members are encouraged to locate pieces before then. You will need to practice an average of thirty minutes EACH WEEK. These are individually scheduled, and so students can also be involved in sports, the spring play, or other activities and still do speech.  Meets are generally held on Saturdays from late January through March. 


The thirteen categories are as follows:

1. CREATIVE EXPRESSION -- Creative Expression is the performance of material written by the contestant, of which no more than 20% may be material from other sources.  The piece is typically funny and utilizes multiple characters.  This category is for actors who also enjoy writing creatively.

2. DISCUSSION -- Problem-solving discussion is an effort on the part of a small group to reach a solution to a problem through informal interchange of facts, inferences, and judgments. This method of discussion seeks consensus rather than majority rule. The focus of this event should be the encouragement of cooperation and critical thinking to arrive at the collective goal of better understanding and problem solving.

3. DUO INTERPRETATION -- Duo interpretation features two students interpreting together one or more selections from a single published source or a single anthology of prose, poetry, and/or dramatic literature serious and/or humorous, with literary merit and appropriate to the readers.  This is an acting category.

4. EXTEMPORANEOUS READING -- Participation in Extemporaneous Reading will train a student to introduce and read excerpts from prose or poetry for the purpose of appreciation or enjoyment.   Readings should be delivered utilizing a variety of expression.

5. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING -- The Extemporaneous Speech should be an original synthesis of current fact and opinion on a topic drawn by the contestant. Speakers may choose from either U.S. or International topics.  Speeches are prepared thirty minutes prior to speaking.

Great Speeches is an event in which the contestant performs a great speech from history as well as provide analysis into the speech’s composition.  Speakers should be able to deliver an interpretive performance as well as provide strong analytical writing.

7. HUMOROUS INTERPRETATION -- Humorous Interpretation uses any published selection either prose, poetry, or dramatic literature with both literary merit and appropriate to the reader.  Speakers utilizes multiple characters to deliver a humorous performance.  This is an acting category.

8. INFORMATIVE SPEAKING -- Informative Speaking is an event in which the student presents his or her own original informative composition about a topic of interest to them. Students will utilize visual aids as well to convey their information.

9. ORIGINAL ORATORY -- Original Oratory is an event in which the contestant presents his/her own persuasive composition citing research to support their position.

10. SERIOUS DRAMA INTERPRETATION -- Serious Drama Interpretation uses any published selection of dramatic literature.  Speakers should have a good sense of character and emotion to deliver a dramatic performance.  This is an acting category.

11. SERIOUS POETRY INTERPRETATION -- Serious Poetry Interpretation uses any published poetry selection, including lyric novels.  Speakers should have a good sense of character, emotion, and rhythm to deliver a dramatic poetic performance.  This is an acting category.

12. SERIOUS PROSE INTERPRETATION -- Serious Prose Interpretation uses any published selection of prose, fiction or non-fiction.  Speakers should have a good sense of character and emotion to deliver a dramatic performance.  This is an acting category.

13. STORYTELLING -- Participation in storytelling should train students to recreate a familiar story extemporaneously. A selected list of fifteen (15) stories will be announced in the fall of each year. Thirty (30) minutes before the contest begins, the first storyteller shall draw three titles. The storyteller shall immediately choose one of them and return the other two, which will then be placed with the other stories remaining to be drawn.  Storytelling should not exceed 6 minutes in length.

For more info on any category visit the East Ridge HS speech team’s website for videos and more descriptions:


AUDITIONS will be held in room 135 November 14-16 after school.  Check the Speech and Theater Bulletin Board outside room 137 for future info.

The season officially starts in January.  Coaches are Mr. Ingles (room 135), Ms. Fulton (room 234), Ms. Madsen (room 139), Ms. Pokaski (room 134), Mr. Daggit (room 222), and Mr. Skluzacek (room 111).  Captains for this season are Matt Baer, Alivia Hall, Leah Keil, and Thressa Schultz.  Please see any one of them or any current speech team members if you have questions. 

There is a $120.00 activity fee for this activity, but please speak with the activities office for hardship scholarship information if you are concerned about the fee.  Please DO NOT pay this fee until the final team roster has been posted. 

It’s a great activity and a lot of fun.   Our motto is “We do for fun what others fear more than death”J.