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Knowledge Bowl/Academic Challenge

Thinking of Joining KB?!

If you are thinking of joining Knowledge Bowl for 2019-2020, contact Mr. Olsen to be added to the course, and to the quizzes!  We want to know what you know!

Brian Olsen

Head Coach

Jay Clawson

Assistant Coach

2017-18 Knowledge Bowl STATE 9th Place Finish!

2017-18 Quiz Bowl STATE 9th Place Finish!

KB 2016 Spicy Lake

KB 2016-17 Spicy Lake is Going to State!

The KGB is going to State! - 2015-16

The KGB is going to State! - 2014-15

KB State - April 10-11, 2019

2019 AA Knowledge Bowl Champions!

Introducing your 2019 Minnesota State AA Knowledge Bowl Champions!

— PL Knowledge Bowl (@PLKnowledgeBowl) April 11, 2019


Congratulations to: Cole, Matt, Braden, Cole, & Carter!!!

Full Results:

2019 AA State Champs!

2019 AA State Champs!

KB Metro Regional - Feb 26, 2019

We sent 3 teams to the Metro Regional this year (30 teams in the field)!!!

  • KGB - 1st Place!!!!!
  • W as in Tungsten - 7th Place!
  • The Lake - 12th Place!

Full results:

Your 2019 KB Metro Regional Champions!

Your 2019 KB Metro Regional Champions!

Quiz Bowl Metro Regionals - Feb 14, 2019

After a long and well-fought battle with the top teams in QB in the Metro, we finished 6th overall!

Full results:

QB Regional 6th Place!

QB Regional 6th Place!

SSC Quiz Bowl Championship - Feb 12, 2019

Prior Lake wins the South Suburban Conference Championship!

Prior Lake also has three teams tie for 1st in the JV division!!

2019 SSC Quiz Bowl Conference Champions!

2019 SSC Quiz Bowl Conference Champions!

KB Meet 3 - Feb 5, 2019

  • KGB - 1st!!
  • W as in Tungsten - 4th!
  • The Lake - 8th
  • Swordfish-Tool of Justice - 9th
  • Speltcheux - 12th
  • Lil Holmium Gang - 14th

Full Results here:

KB Meet 2 - Jan 17, 2019

  • KGB - 1st Place!!
  • W as in Tungsten - 2nd Place!!
  • The Lake - 9th
  • Lil Holmium Gang - 13th
  • Swordfish-Tool of Justice - 15th
  • Snooze You Lose - 16th

Full results here.

Rumble on the Rum - Jan 12, 2019

It was another great day at one of our favorite annual meets!  There were 58 total teams in the field.  33 Varsity, 25 JV.

For the second year in a row, Prior Lake wins the Triple Team Award!

  • KGB - 1st Place!!
  • The Lake - 4th Place (1st Place JV)!!!
  • W as in Tungsten - 6th Place (5th Varsity)!!
  • Lil Holmium Gang - 11th!
  • Swordfish-Tool of Justice - 15th Place!

Full Results:

2019 Triple Team Award!

2019 Triple Team Award!

KB Meet 1 - Dec 18, 2018

  • KGB - 2nd
  • The Lake - 8th
  • W as in Tungsten - 10th
  • Swordfish-Tool of Justice - 13th

Full results:

Cosmic Bowl - Dec 7, 2018

Operating under code names, Prior Lake competed in a field of 62 teams.

  • KGB - 5th (4th Varsity)
  • W as in Tungsten - 7th (6th Varsity)
  • The Lake - 13th (3rd JV) & Best Dressed Award!
  • Lil Holmium Gang - 18th (5th JV)

Full results here:

2018-2019 General Season Info

Captain's Practices will be announced on Schoology (link provided).  Practices will begin in early October.

The regular season practices are four days a week (Monday-Thursday) with optional Friday practices.

Here's a link to the Handbook.

All meets will be posted in Schoology on the Calendar.