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Donate to PLHS Band Boosters Using Paypal

Your donations are an investment in our talented and hardworking students, and because PAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donations are also tax deductible.

Donate with confidence—because donations are processed at Paypal's secure website, your credit card details are not stored by or accessible to PAA or Band Boosters.

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Donate Tax-Free to High School Band Using PayPal

Your donations are an investment in our talented and hardworking students, and because PAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donations are also tax deductible.

Donate with confidence—because donations are processed at PayPal's secure website, your credit card details are not stored by or accessible to PAA.


MSHSL and PLHS Eligibility Brochure

All Band Students and Parents/Guardians (Grades 9-12) must sign and return form to the Band Office.


2019-2020 Band Performance Schedule

Click on the Link Above (2019-2020 Band Performance Schedule) to get a Spreadsheet of ALL the 2019-2020 Performance Dates. *Pep Band Performance Dates will be posted as we approach each athletic season.

General Concert Information


For most concert attire is Black Pants, Black Dress Shirt with Sleeves, Black Socks, and Black Dress Shoes.  This is also known as Concert Black. 

When other attire is required, like the 9th graders for the Homecoming performance, it is noted on the schedule.


Admission Fees for Concerts:

PLSAS charges admission to high school events.  This includes concerts.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students. We have tried to mark all the events where admission will be taken.


Concert Venue:

Almost all of the Concerts will take place in the PLHS Auditorium. We ask that all individuals enter the auditorium on the 2nd level and exit the first level.  Individuals who are unable to do stairs should enter the auditorium on the first level by the Laker Cafe.

Homecoming 2019 - Freshmen First Performance with Marching Band

At Homecoming the Freshmen Bands will join the Varsity Marching Band in performance.  Students are working on 8 pieces and drill to perform a full pre-game and halftime show.  In total, 260 students will fill the field to entertain!   Please see the information below for attire and an important joint rehearsal.   This rehearsal is extremely important as it is our only time with all 260 students together.  Students will be excused from their 0 hour, 1st, and 2nd hour classes to attend.  As it is early in the morning we recommend students dress in layers to accommodate the weather.

Friday Night Details (October 4th)

Once the students arrive at school Friday night, they will be with the band for pregame, the first half, and halftime.  Following the performance at halftime, students will return their instruments to the band room and are free to return to the game for free or may leave.  The band area will be locked after instruments are put away.  Students should not plan to come back into school to get their belongings after the conclusion of the game.


Thursday, October 3rd - JOINT REHEARSAL

7 a.m. - 10:08 a.m.—Students should arrive and be ready to play at 7 a.m.

Friday, October 4th - Homecoming Performance

Combined Varsity & Freshmen Marching Band  - (pregame at 6:40)

Dan Patch Stadium – Varsity at HS by 5:30 pm; Freshmen at HS by 6:00 pm

Freshmen Attire: Yellow Band T-Shirts,  Black Pants, and Blackish shoes.  These do not have to be dress clothes. 

Yellow shirts can be purchased through the Band Office for $10.00.  Students will use these shirts for many Band events.

Pep Band

The Pep Band is a volunteer organization that plays for ten to twelve varsity sports events throughout the year.  Typically, the pep band plays for boys & girls soccer, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball games.  The schedule is still being hammered out for the year ahead, but we hope to have fall dates ASAP.  Participation in the pep band is how 9th graders can earn their varsity PL letter.  Once the schedule is determined, students would need to attend 2/3rds of the events to qualify for the letter.  Students may attend any number of events that suits their schedule just for the fun of it! In addition to sports events, the pep band is called upon from time to time to play for in-school pep rallies, state team send offs or even state tournament sport events.  Again, students should stay tuned to announcements in class for these events as sometimes they have a very short notification.

Rehearsals for Pep Band will be 8:15 a.m. - 8:50 a.m. on Wednesdays

PEP BAND - Homecoming Extravaganza
  • Tuesday, 4:45pm CDT   Ical event icon
  • 4:45 pm Meet in Band Room 5:30 pm Girl's Soccer Game 7:00 pm Volleyball 7:30 pm Boy's Soccer (Pizza dinner provided) Entire Evening is worth 2 Pep Band Events
Pep Band - MEA Weekend Football Game
  • Wednesday, 6:15pm CDT-7:30pm CDT   Ical event icon
  • Arrive at 6:15 pm. Perform on the track for pregame. Students are excused following pregame to enjoy the game.


Band Apparel SALE

Want some new PL BAND gear. Order TODAY! Sale end October 3rd! Click on the Link for the Website

Spain 2020 - Band Performance Tour

For the students in Varsity Blue Band, Varsity Gold Band, and Wind Ensemble who are signed up for the 2020 Spain Performance Tour.

Below you will find all materials for the 2020 Spain Performance Tour.

Requirements for Students

  1. Be registered for all 4 quarters of band for 2019-2020

  2. Participate in 4 of the 6 summer parades

  3. Attend all 2019-2020 scheduled band class performances

  4. Attend special rehearsals for the Spain band travelers

  5. Be making academic progress toward graduation,

  6. May have NO chemical health violations in the 2019-2020 band year (this includes vaping!!)

  7. Get a passport valid through September 29, 2020 - will help with this at PLHS in September

  8. Parent/Guardian must attend the final trip meeting with the student traveling before departure.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are going on the tour have already registered.  If you are a student in grade 10-12 and interested still, see a director.

Fall Marching Band Dates

August 18: 3pm-6pm - Everyone

August 19: 4:00-9:00pm Drumline - 5:30-9:00pm Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion

August 20: 4:00-9:00pm Drumline - 5:30-9:00pm Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion

August 21: 4:00-9:00pm Drumline - 5:15-9:00pm Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion

5:25 pm - Performance for Freshmen Orientation

August 23: 1:00-3:00 pm – Everyone

August 24: State Fair Parade Performance (Full Day)

August 26: Teacher Workshop Performance

7:15 a.m. arrive at school

8:00 a.m. Performance

August 27: First Day of School PLHS

August 29:  Thursday, Home Football Game

September 13: Home Football Game

October 4: Homecoming Football Game


Band Booster Meeting Dates

Band Boosters meetings are open to all parents of students in the PLHS Band Program.  We highly encourage all parents to get involved.  Meetings occur roughly once a month in the PLHS Band Room.

Sep 9 – 8:00 pm

Oct 8 - 7:00 pm

Nov 12 - 7:00 pm

Dec 10 (tentative, if needed) - 7:00 pm

Jan 14 - 7:00 pm

Feb 11 - 7:00 pm

Apr 14 - 7:00 pm

May 5 - 7:00 pm

Fall Flower Basket Fundraiser

Pick up will be Sat Sept. 28th from 1-3 but help will be needed before then to unload trucks. Time to be determined, may be as early as 9 am 

Location is PLHS exact location up in air with construction so watch for signs. 

Color choices likely guaranteed with orders turned in promptly.We had 100% of orders filled correctly in the spring fundraiser haven given the nursery enough notice of choices and raised $10,000.


Happy 2019-2020 School Year! 

Gina Meixner 


Butter Braids Fundraiser

Once the order has been submitted delivery will take place on Friday, September 27. We are working on the details for the delivery location at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact -

Vicki Cirillo 

952-451-0773 (cell)