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Ski Trips

Rachel McKay

MS Ski Trip Advisor

Beth Fuller

Asst. AD

Phone: 952-226-8960

Ski Trip Mondays for 2019-2020

Dec. 16

Jan. 6

Jan. 13

Jan. 27

Feb. 3


Feb. 10 (Make-up date --- if you missed one of the 5 Ski dates)

MS Ski Trip Information 2019

All registered MS Ski Trip participants must complete the form BELOW and return it to the PLSAS Community Ed Office or to Beth Fuller at Prior Lake High School before Dec. 16, 2019.

Middle School Ski Trip Information 2019-2020
MONDAYS in December/January
Hosted at BUCK HILL and sponsored by ISD719 Community Ed

Ticket Price Options:

Option A: 5 lift tickets with 3 lessons ($160) and activity fee ($89) = $249
 (Option A is the only pkg that includes rental equipment)

Option B: 5 lift tickets with no lessons ($145) and activity fee ($89) = $234

Option C: 3 lessons for season pass holders ($72) and activity fee ($89) = $161

Option D:  Activity fee for season pass holders  = $89 (bus only, no lift ticket, no lessons)
Optional:  Helmet Rental for $25 is also available with all packages.


Tips for MS Ski Trip members:

Ski/snowboard trailers are available between 6:50 - 7:15AM in the lower TOMS lot for drop-off of equipment for BOTH Hidden Oaks and Twin Oaks middle school students.

Warm clothes and boots are stored INSIDE the buildings (NOT on the trailers) during the day.  Locations for storage:

HOMS - near front office        TOMS - across from PE office 

Lift tickets and rental forms are handed out afterschool each Monday -- please be on time and have patience the first day!

Buses leave from the lower TOMS lot and front of school at HOMS at 2:30PM

Lessons are from 3:30-4:30PM.  Meet by the school bell at Buck Hill.  Staff will organize you as needed.

Ski Trip staff and volunteers will help in the rental area and then will be stationed in the main chalet from 4 - 7:30PM.

Supervision ends at 7:30PM; so all students need to arrange for a ride home from Buck Hill!