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Training Room

Twin Cities Orthopedics

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The official sports medicine provider at Prior Lake High School 


Friday March 31: 9:30am-11:00AM

Monday April 3: 3-5pm

Tuesday April 4: 9-11am

Wednesday April 5: 3-5pm

Thursday April 6: 9-11am

Friday April 7: Closed. Call Liz cell with injury concerns.

Athletic Training Room Hours

**Hours subject to change. See weekly schedule outside training room for changes**

Fall Camp: Week 1: 7am-3pm, Week 2: 7am-3pm MTW, TH/F TBD. Check for hours on wall outside of training room.
Fall: 3-5:30pm 
Winter: 3-5:30pm
Spring: 3-5pm 

The athletic training room is located in the hallway between the boys and girls athletic locker rooms. On occasion, the training room will close early when there is an event to be covered offsite. 

Contact Info:

Liz Cervenka
Certified Athletic Trainer
Twin Cities Orthopedics
Prior Lake High School
Cell: 952.270.6899
Training Room: 952.226.8694 
Athletic Office: 952.226.8690
Activities Fax: 952.226.8689