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Intramural Basketball

Beth Fuller

Assistant AD

Phone: 952-226-8960

Brian Olsen

IM Basketball Tech Coordinator

Update on Intramural Basketball for Winter 2021-2022

We are planning for our winter season of Intramural Basketball for this winter!

Stay tuned for more updates in late October . . . we hope to get started in mid-December.


Monday, Dec. 9th for 9th/10th grade teams/players  7:30-9PM

Wednesday, Dec. 11th for 11th/12th grade teams/players 7:30-9PM

Practice, scrimmages, form final team rosters, meeting with coordinators, and jersey hand-out for all registered players

Information for the 2019-2020 Season!

We've had a few questions about basketball so far, so here's what we can tell you:

  • Registration is now OPEN on FeePay.  All individual players must register in order to participate.
  • Team registration is open now.
  • Students can form their own teams or we will help during Open Gym nights in early December.  We recommend having 8-10 players per team.
  • We will begin games on December 16th for grades 9/10 and on December 18th for grades 11/12.
  • Games will continue every week (1-2 a week) from mid-December to around President’s Day.  There may be games on President's Day or MLK Day, but there will be no games over winter break.
  • For freshmen & sophomores, these games will likely be on Monday evenings.  Juniors & Seniors play on Wednesday evenings.
  • Playoffs will follow the regular season. (bracketed play) and our championship games will be played late Feb/early March (season will be completed before spring break).
  • There are usually 12 to 18 teams in each of the two divisions (Monday/Wednesday).
  • Cost is $90/person

General Information - IM BBall

9th and 10th grade teams will play on Monday nights 7:30pm - 10pm

11th and 12th grade teams will play on Wednesday nights 7:30pm - 10pm

Everyone needs to register online individually and then team roster links will be available on this website.  Please complete these when you have confirmed your team (before the first Open Gym nights in December).

We cannot guarantee that all "friends" will be on the same team.  We will do our best to equally distribute the number of players on each team.  We will help place individuals on a team if needed.

We will strongly encourage all participants to attend the first Open Gym night in December for rules, organization, and team roster finalization.

Team Rosters Final

Team Roster submission is locked!  Good luck to all players!

Make sure you have at least 6 solid players before you register your team.  That means players that can reliably show up for games.  If you have 6 people on your team, but 1-2 people won't make it very often, you may want a couple more people on your roster.
If you have a roster of more than 10 people, think about dividing into two teams to get more playing time.  We will do our best to help individuals or groups with fewer than 6 players form teams on the Open Gym nights.

Photos from previous seasons