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Junior Optimist Club

Dan Steger

JOC Advisor

Phone: 651-755-4180

Maria Belden

JOC Advisor

Phone: 651-295-8357

Junior Optimist Club Officers

President:  Bryanne Pinkowski

Vice President:  Maddie Hauenstein

Secretary:  Lydia Pavek

Public Relations:  Bella Maldonado


PLHS Junior Optimist Club

Bring your friends!

Junior Optimist meetings

Date: Starting TBD

Time:  7:30 a.m.

Where:   PLHS Auditorium

* Breakfast snack will be provided at meetings.


What is the Junior Optimist Club? Founded in 2004…

Junior Optimist was created to enable kids to do community service. It is a student led club, sponsored by the Prior Lake Optimist club.

JOOI reached the international level in 1989. The numbers are rising all the time thanks in part to great kids like you who want to make a difference in their community.


Why Should You Join JOOI?

• Because it’s fun!

• When we help others, everyone wins!

• JOOI looks great on college applications

• You can learn about teamwork,

communication, self-esteem, money

management and citizenship in nontraditional, fun ways



Volunteering has become the thing to do for kids everywhere. Tons of kids all around the world are already trying it out. They’ve discovered that they’re having fun AND helping other kids at the same time

– what could be better than that? Well, what if it could also help students get into college?

Volunteering can do that, too! JOOI looks great on college applications, and now that JOOI has the nod of approval by NASSP, it ranks right up there with other established student organizations.


What ISN’T Required

to be a JOOI Member?

• A certain GPA

• A recommendation from a teacher or principal


What IS required to be a JOOI Member?

• Energy

• Enthusiasm

• The belief that kids CAN make a difference in their community


PLHS JOC Projects

Ø  Fallfest

Ø   Thanksgiving Day Baskets

Ø   Reading Mentors

Ø  Community Halloween Party

Ø  Sandwich Project

Ø  FMSC  2 times

Ø   Food Drive

Ø  Toys for Tots

Ø   Christmas for Veterans

Ø  Caroling at Keystone

Ø  SVABW Birthday bags

Ø  Love in a Glove box

Ø  Valentines for Vets

Ø   valentines making at Keystone

Ø  Beautification project

Ø  Ronald McDonald House