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Physicals / Concussion Baseline Testing


All Athletes need an updated physical every three years.  Must be dated 3/15/17 or more recent to qualify.  Go here for the physical form:  2019-20 FORM

Concussion Testing

All Athletes need to participate in Concussion Baseline Testing every two years.  Stay tuned for information on dates of testing for the upcoming season.

Who Can Join?

Any Prior Lake student grades 7 - 12 can participate on the Prior Lake Alpine Ski Team.  Members should be strong skiers, but do not necessarily need racing experience.

What Kind of Ski Racing is it?

Minnesota High School Alpine Racing is Slalom.  That means quick turns over single pole gates.

What are the Costs to Join the Team?

  • TBD Registration fee through the High School
  • $25 fee toward the Alpine Club to cover additional expenses such as the Buck Hill Invite.
  • Lift Ticket - Every participant will either need a Buck Hill Season Pass or will need to purchase a lift ticket for each event and practice.
  • Banquet - There is approximately a $20 fee per person for an end of the season banquet.
  • Each participant will need to pay for his or her own equipment.

Does Everyone Get to Race?

Yes, everyone will be able to race in some capacity.

  • Varsity Racing consists of 10 or 12 girls and 10 or 12 boys participating at each race.  There are five Varsity Races during the season.  The Varsity roster usually consists of the same athletes each race.  The last few spots on the Varsity roster may change or alternate with some JV athletes.  Varsity rosters are determined based on ability, experience, race times, and coaches' evaluation.
  • JV Racing:  If a participant does not make the Varsity roster, he or she will participate in all JV races.  There are usually four JV races set on Mondays in addition to a JV Championship race.  Some of the top JV racers on the team may also have a chance to participate in some Varsity races.
  • Buck Hill Invite - Consists of 8 Girls and 8 Boys for Varsity and 8 Girls and 8 Boys for JV.  For a total of 32 participants.  (If the team is bigger than 32, then some athletes may not be able to participate in this event)
  • Section 6 Championships:  Only 6 girls and 6 boys are allowed to participate in the final Section 6 Race.   This is considered a Varsity Event.

What about Practices?

  • Captains' Practice:  Starts in October.  These usually start about 3:15 and end about 4:15 or 4:30.  This is a practice held at the High School and run by the captains.  There will be no coaches present.  These practices consist of dry land training which includes some running, agility, flexibility, strength, and various games.  Captains' practices are a great way for the athletes to get to know each other and develop some team camaraderie.  There is an activities bus which runs from the Middle School to the High School.  Athletes will need to make arrangements for a ride home when the practices are done.  
  • Coach Led Practices:  Coaches are not allowed to start working with athletes until a specific date in November.  Coaches will start by holding Dry Land practices at the High School.  
  • On Hill Practices:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays 3-5 pm at Buck Hill.  On hill practices will start once the Ski Area opens and allows teams to practice.  On JV race days, a Varsity practice course will be set.  On Varsity race days, JV participants will have the option to free ski or come and cheer the Varsity athletes on.
    • On hill practices usually consist of a practice course with coaching at the bottom.  Some courses will be set on the rope tow hill, so athletes need to have glove guards for those practices.  Early in the season Buck Hill may not yet allow gates to be set for practice.  If this is the case, coaches will lead the team in various on hill drills.  
    • Because of the size of the team, coaches will not be able to give one on one ski lessons to individual beginner skiers.  If your athlete is not an experienced skier, racing may not be for them.  Athletes do not necessarily need racing experience, but they do need to know how to ski.

Parent Volunteers - Do Parents need to help?

Yes, we need help from parents.  For each race, we ask parents to help out with duties such as gate keeping, scoreboards, jacket collection, bib collection, food/snack coordinating and contributions, tent set up (for Sections and Buck Hill Invite), as well as other duties as they arise. 

A sign up sheet will be available online for each event.

What Kind of Equipment is needed?

There will be no equipment provided to the Athletes.  Each athlete will be given a stretch bib with a number on it to wear at each race.  These bibs will need to be returned after each race as the numbers vary for participants from race to race.

  • Skis:  It isn't necessary to purchase brand new slalom race skis to begin with.  An athlete can use their current skis to start.  As they progress, there may be a need to upgrade the skis.  
  • Poles and Guards:  Pole guards are not necessary until the racer starts to cross block the gates.  Pole guards can be attached to existing poles and can be found at various ski shops.
  • Helmet with Face Guard:  Helmets with face guards are required by the State High School League.  Face Guards can be purchased at any ski shop.  Face guards only attach to certain types of helmets, so a new helmet may be necessary.
  • Shin Guards:  Shin guards are not necessary until the racer starts to get closer to the gates.  
  • GS Suits:  GS Suits are not required, but many of the racers wear them.  

All equipment can be purchased at local ski shops.  Used equipment is also a good option and can be found at various ski swaps and sometimes online on our Facebook page.  Coaches can also help athletes figure out what is the best equipment for their ability and race level.

How do you Letter in Alpine Ski Racing?

Score in three or more Varsity Races in a season.  Scoring is defined by finishing the race and scoring a point for your team.  You must finish both runs in the race to score.


Be a contributing member of the Alpine Team for three seasons.  Athletes do not need to be on Varsity for these three seasons.

There may be exceptions for injuries or exchange students.

Is Transportation Provided to Practices and Races?

No, there is no formal transportation provided.  Athletes and parents will need to work together to figure out carpools and transportation to and from all practices and races.

There is an activity bus that can transport Middle School kids to the High School to join a carpool there if necessary.

Is there a Banquet?

Yes, a banquet will be scheduled the end of February after the season is complete.  All athletes and their families are invited to attend.  Letters and Awards will be given out.  Next Year's captains will be announced.